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Poster: craven714 Date: Mar 6, 2008 9:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: space>eyes of the world

Damn JOTS!
thats some good Dead
6-9-76 fuckin rocks

My take on it is there is a huge difference between
that 76 and the early 80's Eyes.

The tempo of the 6-9-76 I would not consider "fast".
They sound like they are having alot of fun. The tempo
is upbeat for sure, but it is loose, very funky, more
exploratory, and has better dynamics. They do the
major to minor mode thing at the begining and it takes
a good amount of time just to get to the first verse.
Then when Jerry does decide to sing, the inflection in
his voice is full and rich. And Bobby and Donna provide
nice harmonies. It starts to take off towards the end,
but they pull the reins and go to an almost minimalistic

It has everything an early 80's doesn't. It's the 80 to
86ish Eyes that seem to lack character for me. I have a
CD at home labeled "fastest Eyes ever". I have to look
for it, cause it rarely gets air time. I will try to
locate it later, and post it. Look for it. But actually
a "fastest Eyes thread" would probably just annoy me.

And about that 6-9-76. The setlist is AMAZING.
St Stephen>Eyes>LIG>drums>LIG????

also, right before St. Stephen do you here the guy
yelling out "Eyes of the World.......................
Eyes the World!!!"-------- talk about getting your
prayer answered.....

thanx for turning me on to this 76 show JOTS
much apprciative